Quantity Each Total
500 Minimum 57p £285 +VAT
1,000 Best Value 36.5p £365 + VAT
2,000 30p £595 + VAT
3,000 25p £750 + VAT
4,000 25p £1000 + VAT
5,000 25p £1250 + VAT
10,000 23p £2300 + VAT
50,000 23p £11500 + VAT

All-inclusive pricing with no hidden extras.

Forget sneaky extras being added on – our prices include everything so what you see is what you get.

Unlike other manufacturers, we absorb as much perfume as we possibly can into each air freshener. You will see that we never price differentiate our products based on how much perfume is used. We never cut corners and each air freshener is loaded with fragrance. Not only that, we use the finest perfumes and never dilute our fragrances.

Thanks to our unique production system, we are able to create the longest lasting air fresheners in the promotional car air fresheners market. Unlike other companies, we print directly onto thick card;  this is the only way to produce air fresheners that last. With other companies, air fresheners are usually printed onto thin paper and then hidden between thick card. This system can never provide air fresheners that last.  This is because the perfume is never exposed to the air fully during production.  Because our fragrance is impregnated directly onto the card, it lasts the longest.  To print, we use custom-made printing machines and systems, all developed in-house.

We always strive to provide the best products as well as a completely smooth customer experience. Because we produce one product only, we are able to focus our attention completely on the quality. We do not compete with other companies as our products are already the best there is.  Our only goal is to make our air fresheners even better.

We have designed our production to be flexible so that we can offer a free custom shape with each and every order. This gives you the ability to choose any shape you want at any size. You can even have your own logo shape created as a custom shape. The only limit is your imagination.

Acquiring high definition printing on custom made air fresheners can only be achieved because we have specially made in-house machinery that copes with this. Coupled with our many years of experience, the end result is a superior product that out-classes all others.

We only use IFRA approved fine perfumes in our car air fresheners. All our perfumes are extensively tested, complying with the strict regulations set by the UK and EU. The comparison is an easy one; consider buying perfume from a pound shop and then from the finest retail outlet and consider the price variation as well as the quality of the end product. It is false economy to assume you will save some money using an unknown air freshener supplier as you cannot be certain that they will use only the finest perfume in your air fresheners.

We will never display one price and then charge you a higher one at check-out. There is just one price for all, in accordance with our all-inclusive price policy. Everything you ask for is included in the prices you see on this page. There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

UK based, we have been working in this field for more than ten years. We constantly strive to improve our products and give you the best possible quality for your money. We believe in going the extra mile for our valuable clients. We are proud to be making air fresheners for Top Gear, Mrs Brown’s Boys and other well-known companies as well as the local garage down the road! You will even see our air fresheners used during adverts on national TV channels.


Bubble Gum

New Car

New Car



Black Ice

Black Ice



Finest quality IFRA approved. 24 fragrances to choose from.

Car Shaped Freshener


Popular Car Circular Freheshener


Rectangular Shaped Freshener





You can have any custom shape for free or use one of our most popular shapes.




The service I have received from Sniffing Frog™ has been excellent from the first day I started to use them. They accommodated multiple deliveries and some last minute changes that were required to the design. They also made suggestions to the design to help with replicating our corporate colours as closely as possible given the material that is being used for printing. This can also be affected by the perfume. The choice of perfume is fantastic and they are always happy to provide samples quickly so that you can make a decision at your convenience.
Custom Printed Car Air FreshenerJane, easidrive

We first discovered Sniffing Frog™ in 2015 and found the team to be helpful and attentive. Fast to respond to our questions and with good communication throughout the process, from submitting our custom artwork to promptly delivering a really good quality and uniquely designed air-freshener. We were very pleased with the shape and how it looked exactly like one of our jet washers. They were exactly what we’d hoped for and smelled great too!

In 2018 we decided to get in touch with them again and we were told that we could expect an improved quality. When we received the new ones, they were exceptional! We’d happily get air-fresheners from Sniffing Frog™ again and would recommend them to anyone.

Management, Kranzle UK
Fast Key Services Ltd have used Sniffing Frog™ since 2015 to produce high quality custom car air Fresheners in the shape of our company logo. These are used as promotional gifts on our busy trade counter. The quality of the end product has always been second-to-none and the customer service provided is excellent. We will continue to use them and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else.
Best Custom Car Air FreshenerMarc, FAST KEYS

Longest lasting custom-made car air fresheners from Sniffing Frog™

Leading company with over 10 years’ experience. Unique production system guarantees the longest lasting products. Small to care and big enough to cater!

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