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Batch printing at economy prices takes about 4 weeks. Batch printing means; we print all similar orders together and pass saving to you. Rush printing available at extra cost (Minimum £75 extra) Rush printing done just for you, hence the extra cost.

How to order?2021-06-10T21:37:50+00:00

Take advantage of our low prices and highest quality, please order online with your print file 24/7 0rder online now>  Our service used mainly by printers, designers and likes, however our service open the public, we welcome all customers to taste the lowest prices and highest quality in the UK. Unsure about your file?  Contact us>

How to design?2021-06-11T11:54:59+00:00

We recommend working with experienced designers for best result. Preferred file format PDF Vector files. Our default software Adobe Illustrator, however we need PDF Vector files. Outline yours fonts, embed your images, use CMYK colours only. Avoid using complex colours, flat colours work best. If you use photoshop provide us separate on layer PSD files. Most photoshop file will not suitable for this print process, we need Vector PDF from vector based programs like Adobe Illustrator and similar vector based software. We will do our best to see if we can make your file work. Some Photoshop files might be OK. Artworking service available at £20 per hour. File checking service available and we will offer basic adjustment for free if your file overall designed professionally and at useable state. Example of print ready file available click here

Can you check my file for me?2021-06-10T21:41:57+00:00

Sure, send us your file and we will check it for free. Please note that this is file checking service only. Design service available at £20 per hour. 30 minutes free design help available on your first order only. If you have professional logo file we might be able to build your artwork for free. Unsure about your file?  Contact us>

How many artwork/shape/fragrance can I use per order?2021-04-21T17:12:23+00:00

One artwork/shape/fragrance per order. Extra artwork/shape/fragrance available at extra cost.

I want to be your reseller?2021-05-24T17:33:42+00:00

Sure. Start ordering with us online. We work with resellers like yourself all over the UK and Ireland. Our prices heavily discounted already but we can also offer even lower prices if you order minimum 3-5 orders monthly. You can also retail our products, we have lots of customers retail our products successfully on eBay, Amazon etc. However our products mainly designed for promotional use, we do not claim that we have retail products, but you can sell them, up to you. Retail products technically different and last even longer.

Can I have double sided artwork?2020-06-16T15:19:45+00:00

Sure. Not only that, it is also free to have one artwork on the front and a different one on the back.

What if I need them fairly quickly?2021-05-24T17:31:52+00:00

We can supply your air fresheners fairly quickly. Contact us if you need them urgently. (Extra charges apply, minimum 2 weeks and £75 extra)

What if I need a custom shape?2021-05-24T13:09:26+00:00

Custom shape available at no extra cost. One shape per order.

How many fragrances can I choose?2021-05-24T13:10:04+00:00

One fragrance per order included. Extra fragrances available at £25 each. (Minimum 500 from each fragrance)

Your own custom Fragrance?2021-05-24T17:36:29+00:00

Strictly, fragrances listed on our website available for ordering. Un-scented fresheners available at reduced prices if you wish to apply your own perfume and packaging.

What is the maximum size i can use?2021-05-24T13:10:55+00:00

Unlike some other companies we do not cut corners. Our sizes biggest you can find. You can have any custom shape up to 94 mm x 64 mm or 77.5 mm x 77.5 mm (60 cm2)

How long your fresheners last?2021-06-07T15:10:08+00:00

Our products mainly designed for promotional use and they will last 1 week or more depending external factors and fragrance you choose. Some perfumes will perform weak, some strong, some will last longer than others. If you remove packaging gradually you could get up to 2 weeks life or more from 3ml perfume on each fresheners we will apply individually. These are promotional use products and this is longest life for promotional use fresheners. There is no guarantee on perfume life, however we expect you will get minimum 1 week from them even if you remove packaging all at once and more if you remove packing gradually. We could increase life of car air fresheners slightly at £50 extra per 1k if you wish.

How to store air fresheners?2021-01-21T15:33:28+00:00

Keep them cool and dry for about 1 year. Longer storage might be possible but not guaranteed. You might loose some juice from perfume if you keep them longer and also print might be effected too.

Can I retail your fresheners?2021-06-07T15:08:50+00:00

Standard products available on our website for promotional use. However you could retail them, lots of our customers retail our promotional products successfully. Important to be aware that, our products designed for promotional use, and they would not last as much as retail products. Retail products technically different and they last slightly longer than our products. We could increase life of air fresheners slightly at £50 extra per 1k however still they will not be as good as products designed for retail use but they will be very close.

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The service I have received from Sniffing Frog™ has been excellent from the first day I started to use them. They accommodated multiple deliveries and some last minute changes that were required to the design. They also made suggestions to the design to help with replicating our corporate colours as closely as possible given the material that is being used for printing. This can also be affected by the perfume. The choice of perfume is fantastic and they are always happy to provide samples quickly so that you can make a decision at your convenience.
Custom Printed Car Air FreshenerJane, easidrive

We first discovered Sniffing Frog™ in 2015 and found the team to be helpful and attentive. Fast to respond to our questions and with good communication throughout the process, from submitting our custom artwork to promptly delivering a really good quality and uniquely designed air-freshener. We were very pleased with the shape and how it looked exactly like one of our jet washers. They were exactly what we’d hoped for and smelled great too!

In 2018 we decided to get in touch with them again and we were told that we could expect an improved quality. When we received the new ones, they were exceptional! We’d happily get air-fresheners from Sniffing Frog™ again and would recommend them to anyone.

Management, Kranzle UK
Fast Key Services Ltd have used Sniffing Frog™ since 2015 to produce high quality custom car air Fresheners in the shape of our company logo. These are used as promotional gifts on our busy trade counter. The quality of the end product has always been second-to-none and the customer service provided is excellent. We will continue to use them and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else.
Best Custom Car Air FreshenerMarc, FAST KEYS

Long lasting custom-made car air fresheners from Sniffing Frog™

Leading company with over 13 years experience. Unique production system guarantees the longest lasting products. Small to care and big enough to cater!

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